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Industry Solutions

Safely handling carbon fibre, servicing efficiently and FOD management – these are just a few of the hand protection requirements that SHOWA Glove provides solutions for.

Hand Protection for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry

Employing over 230,000 in a vast range of professions, the British aerospace sector’s hand protection requirements vary greatly according to their different needs. SHOWA understands precisely just how precious and valuable these components they handle on a daily basis are.

Essential to their requirements for good hand protection are cut resistance, confident handling, and touch sensitivity. Carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRPs) have also been widely adopted in the air transport industry for airframe structures casings, and interior parts, further requiring specialised hand protection to help prevent the carbon fibre from irritating the skin, whilst allowing efficient and safe handling.

Another key requirement is the minimisation of lint from gloves. The SHOWA B0500 palm fit has proven to be a successful fit for many aerospace manufacturing companies. Developed in 1988 to provide outstanding operability for delicate work in clean environments, its thin polyurethane formed palm coating provides good grip and helps prevent the generation of lint.

As new vehicles roll off a production line, the array of hazards for which hand protection is required is vast. We provide hand protection for an industry where robotic systems are prevalent.

Hand Protection for the Automotive Industry

Safety, productivity, and cost-efficiency are some of the automotive industry’s top priorities. Oil, industrial lubricants, chemicals, sharp edged materials, and heat are just some of the common hazards that the automotive sector needs to protect against.
From assembly gloves offering outstanding dexterity, grip, and comfort, to disposable gloves that provide an essential durable second-skin barrier, SHOWA has gloves for your organisation to improve safety, increase productivity, and save costs.
Workers equipped with the SHOWA range of gloves will have the confidence to securely and precisely handle automotive components, especially robotic systems and automotive glass. In addition, paint shop and repair specialists can rely on our nitrile disposable gloves that provides vital hand protection against harsh chemicals and heavy-duty substances.

We know that construction workers are exposed to a multitude of hazards on a daily basis and hand protection requirements vary at every stage of a project.

Hand Protection for the Construction Industry

The construction industry has some of the highest levels of on-the-job danger. Every day, construction and civil engineering workers are exposed to a multitude of hazards in the course of their duties.
Due to the vast number of manual tasks that they undertake in the course of their work, workers’ hands are often at high risk of injury, or to a lesser degree be less productive, without effective hand protection from their hazardous tasks.
As every stage of a construction project varies, so too do their hand protection requirements, as workers’ hands are a valuable commodity that must be protected. Common hazards typically encountered in their work fall into four main categories: chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical. Each has its own set of unique hand protection requirements, with different gloves required for every trade and construction application from demolition to final fit-out and landscaping.

Workers in the oil & gas industry are exposed to a multitude of hazards, while many also constantly require reliable grip performance in wet and oily handling conditions.

Hand Protection for the Oil & Gas Industry

Hand protection is an important component of the oil and gas industry as hand injuries make up nearly half of the recorded health and safety incidents in the industry. The consequences are not only significant to the individual, but also to the organisation.
Workers face a multitude of hazards when going about their daily tasks, including blunt force impacts, abrasions, cuts, chemicals burns, and more. Furthermore, they face significant challenges in trying to achieve a reliable grip performance under wet and oily handling conditions.
SHOWA gloves meet the oil and gas sector’s complex needs for hand protection solutions, improving overall safety, increasing productivity, and saving costs.

Manually manoeuvring lifting gear, hauling ropes and maintaining equipment coated in grease are just some of the specific tasks for which hand protection should be considered in this industry.

Hand Protection for the Airports and Ports Industry

In providing vital gateways for trade and travel, airports and ports are an important part of any nation’s economy. Research figures show that injuries are the most likely to occur when workers are handling equipment on and around ships and aircraft.
Airport and port workers engage in various tasks throughout the course of their work day, ranging from heavy lifting and manual labour, to handling delicate components and machinery in greasy and oily conditions. Not only that, but workers also have to contend with unpredictable weather conditions when their duties take place outdoors. Therefore, wearing the right safety gloves is important to help them carry out these tasks safely and efficiently.
By working alongside health and safety teams, proper hand protection solutions can be implemented that work not just for the glove-wearing workforce, but for other departments too.

Rail industry workers can face extremely harsh and changeable weather conditions which can significantly impact upon the individual as well as the network.

Hand Protection for the Railway Industry

Workers in the railway industry face a myriad of handling hazards when going about their everyday tasks. All along the line, from the initial stages of de-vegetation, through to track laying, structural work, and the essential on-going track and signalling maintenance work, railway workers face complex hand safety problems. Furthermore, many are also exposed to poor and changeable weather conditions.
Thus, it is vital for railway companies to equip their workers with the correct safety gloves for the task at hand and the individual, not only to reduce injuries and increase comfort levels, but also to boost productivity and morale.

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